Research Topics

So in this past week of class, we looked at various research topics relating to online identity, since this is already an interesting topic to me, I was pretty excited to brainstorm. And as of right now, I’m pretty happy about what I’ve come up with.

How has the internet influenced privacy?

I think it’s rather interesting and slightly scary how little of our lives are private now a days, and how easy it is for someone to learn intimate details about you without even asking you.

The effect of comments on the self confidence of an individual

I know I’ve personally seen how people have developed a huge ego just by receiving a little bit of feedback on their Instagram. I’ve also seen people be deeply hurt by people’s comments.

The influence of popular/notable online presences/Youtubers having a steady job

It’s still amazing to me how people are able to essentially create an empire online and continue to profit off of it for years until they become millionaires.

Those are the main topics I’m looking at right now, let’s hope this paperĀ ends up ok in the long run…

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