A little bit about me!

My name is Anthony Epps and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. Here at Mary Washington, I hope to major in Sociology and Psychology to later become a Psychotherapist.

I signed up for the Beyond The Selfie FSEM because I was interested in the sociological side of it, the looking at people’s backgrounds and how that influences how they want to perceived online. A few things I’m looking forward to in this class are definitely the complex discussions we’ll have and the better understanding we all will take away from it. I’m also interested in the coding aspects of this class because that is something new to me.

As for college overall, I want to leave college with a better understanding of who I am as a person along with the information to begin to help others understand themselves. I also just want to leave here happy, I don’t want to feel like I spent 4 years being miserable.

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